Author - David Montaigne

Historian David Montaigne has extensively researched many sources of prophecy; from his first book detailing Nostradamus' cryptic visions of World War III to his more recent work comparing Bible prophecy with that of the Maya and other ancient cultures.  Such research has taken him to Israel, Egypt, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, the Vatican, and many other  nations to study ancient monuments and unravel their most important messages.  He currently lives in Pennsylvania.

You, Our Readers

You already suspect that something terrible could happen soon.  You are somewhat familiar with Bible prophecy, the Maya, pole shifts, world mythology, and other subjects covered in this book.  You may even assume that the seven years from the end of the Mayan Long Count through December 2019 are a crucial period during which prophesized disasters may unfold.  You're right.  And you're very close to understanding why you're right.  This book condenses twenty years of my research and conclusions into a few hours.  Please allow me to show you....